Susan & Graeme with Nemesis Antigone, Best in Show winner at the inaugural Mary Laurie Memorial Show, 2013..

Susan & Graeme Batho

Meet the breeders!


Graeme Batho

Works for the NSW Public Service. He works to indulge our rabbit habit which is our only hobby and indulgence. It was Graeme's fault that we got into rabbits: We would visit our old friend Nikki White, and he would try and sneak out with a rabbit under his jumper.  In the end, Nikki gave him his first rabbit for his birthday and he's not stopped since in his love for rabbits.  He is President of the Rabbit Breeders Association of NSW.

​Susan Batho

Is a retired academic and is a writer (has been from the age of 6). Susan embraced rabbits with a little too much enthusiasm, operating a Blue Mountains Rabbit Rescue for many years, until ill health meant she had to cut back to just the breeding of pure bred rabbits. She has also worked with a few other dedicated breeders to stop some rare breeds from dying out completely in this country. She is an all-breeds judge, often travelling interstate to judge at shows.  She is presently Show Secretary of the Rabbit Breeders Association of NSW

Beau Stud


Was created in 1999 with our first litter of Dwarf Lops.  We added  Mini Rexes shortly after with Lucilus, Golden and Frederica - our house bunny. We have had Tans, Dutch, Rexes and Cashmere Lops, and still breed Mini Lops, Dwarf Lops, German Lops, Smoke Pearls, Harlequins, Mini Rexes, Netherland Dwarfs, Satins, English Spot, Silver Fox, and Tridutch.  We have also shown Polish - our beloved Antigone, thanks to Genevieve Hughes. Our passion is for the rare breeds of rabbits in Australia and getting them onto the show table.

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