THE BUNNY GARDEN: A Holistic Approach to Living with your Rabbit.


Written by Nicolle Rae Parsons & Susan Batho


The Bunny Garden covers the health of your rabbit, and the natural foods and what they do in relation to assisting you and your rabbit to good health.


Topics include sharing space with you, and with other companion animals. Food to assist good health and to help resolve problems, covering such subjects as heat stroke, worms, wry neck, and wool block. Free feeding foods are found in easy to read lists, as are foods to avoid. Also, hints on how to plant your garden to maximise easy feeding for your pet.


Cost: $20 in person, or $25 posted to you.


"A great collection of  inspiring information leading to a greater understanding into the way you care for your bunny." --- Morgan McGuinness, Committee, Rabbit Breeders Association of  NSW.



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